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Advanced Biomechanical Rehabilitation (ABR) approaches all muscular skeletal rehabilitations from the foundation.

In the severest of muscular skeletal disorders, Cerebral Palsy causes the the loss of complete control of the central nervous system, resulting in certain muscles becoming more dominant and others becoming excessively weak. This muscular imbalance directly affects the posture and movements of the person. You can read more about this in Cerebral Palsy.

Whilst muscles are extremely dependent on the central nervous system for proper function, myofascial depends on the autonomous nervous system more. The neuromuscular system and myofascial tensional network works interdependently towards a balanced system. Once muscular balance is compromised and muscular distortion kicks in, the myofascial network tries to re-align and resets the system to a stable point. In other words, the myofascial tensional network must be remodeled such that it would be able to transit the local muscular imbalance into a global myofascial tensional network once again. You can read more about this in ABR Principals.

Remodeling the myofascial tensional network of a Cerebral Palsy child does not come naturally, but requires external mechanical stimulation delivered in tensional uniformity. Our approach to achieving this uniform mechanical stimulation is through the ABR exercises designed to provide strain to the connective tissue elements within the optimal 1-2% range. You can read more about the concepts behind our exercises in ABR Exercise.

And we’ve been proven that this is extremely effective. ABR up to present has had thousands of satisfied families who have undergone the program. You can read these testimonies on the ABR Results page. Our family has extended out to all areas of Asia and beyond the Pacific Ocean.

You can now access ABR Asia programs in:

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