ABR Families Testimonies

We started doing ABR exercises in 2006 through a recommendation from a friend. Like my daughter, her son was quadriplegic. Together, we went to Singapore for the training sessions. In the first two years we saw immense improvement. My friend’s son saw lots of improvements too, and we encouraged each other as we went through training together. My daughter’s trunk was extremely weak and she had little ability to move. ABR exercises strengthens the trunk, and I started seeing improvements in her movement abilities, and she started doing things she never used to be able to do. I was further encouraged with these changes and put in even more effort into her exercises.

Based on the GMFCS curve, my daughter is a severe level 5 Cerebral Palsy child. As a result, I don’t have any expectations of her walking. But I do hope to see improvements in her quality of life, and that her movements would continue to improve. ABR does not make miracles happen, nor is it a quick-fix, but with utmost effort, I am positive that my daughter will continue making progress. Because that has been the case throughout our ten years in the ABR program, I am very sure that my daughter will continue to improve.

My daughter is now the joy of the family; her bright smile contagiously spreading on to everyone. On top of that, her ability to do things have been getting better, and the quality of her abilities have also been getting better. Her quality of life has definitely improved.



The pictures below were extracted from our progress report prepared by ABR:

1      Improvement in the drop of her head: The head needs to be independent on three planes; the transverse plane, sagittal plane, and coronal plane. The rotational movement of the head is from the transverse plane. Head flexion and extension movements (forward, backward and sides) is from the sagittal plane. Lateral head movement comes from the coronal plane.

 July 2005

Bring the head forward lifts the entire shoulder and upper chest all the way to mid chest level

 April 2013

Bring the head forward now lifts only the shoulder. But jaw still depresses into the mouth floor

 June 2014

Jaw no longer depresses into Mouth floor

MANILALenyTestimonial July2005

MANILALenyTestimonial April2013

MANILALenyTestimonial June2014

July 2005

Unable to maintain sitting without External support

Nov 2005

Maintain sitting position without external support. She does not fall even with the lift of her legs

MANILALenyTestimonial July2005 2nd

MANILALenyTestimonial Nov2005

MANILALenyTestimonial Nov2005 2nd

MANILALenyTestimonial July2007

MANILALenyTestimonial Mar2008

MANILALenyTestimonial July2010

Nov 2005

Head is tilted backwards Maintain sitting with Excessive muscular Efforts (with hands Support)

July 2007

Head is no longer tilted backwards. Able to maintain sitting with legs crossed.

Mar 2008

Able to reach out in sitting ie increase repertoire in sitting

July 2010

Able to reach out with full extension of arms and yet maintain upright and strong sitting position

MANILALenyTestimonial July2005 3rd

MANILALenyTestimonial Feb2008

MANILALenyTestimonial Feb2009

MANILALenyTestimonial Nov11IrisrockingNov11GIF

July 2005

No lateral arm protective reaction when she is Tilted to her side

Feb 2008

Arm protective reaction but not stronger enough to push herself back to upright position

Feb 2009

Strong enough to push herself back to upright position

Nov 11

Iris rocking Nov11 GIF

Rocking movement - transition towards transportation

MANILALenyTestimonial Mar2006

MANILALenyTestimonial Mar2007

MANILALenyTestimonial July2010 2nd

Mar 2006

Unable to maintain quadruped Position

Mar 2007

Begin to maintain quadruped position

July 2010

Able to maintain pentapod position ie head is independent enough to support quadruped position

MANILALenyTestimonial Feb2009 2nd

MANILALenyTestimonial July2010 3rd

MANILALenyTestimonial Nov2014 IrisKneeNov14GIF

Feb 2009

Need maximum external support to get into short leg position (kneeling)

July 2010

Need reduced external support to get into kneeling position

Nov 2014

Iris Knee Nov14 GIF

Impressive transition from quadruped position to kneeling position