Improvement in fabrics of life, postures and movements are possible despite brain injury

We have seen great improvement in hundreds and even thousands of children’s fabrics of life, their postures and movements despite the child’s brain injury and the severity of the disorder of their postures and movements.

Promise of continuous incremental progress (CIP)

We are not miracle workers and ABR does not provide a quick fix. The changes that all of us see here are the parents and care givers’ fruit of labour; putting their hearts and minds to make a difference in their children’s lives. Every movement the parents put in unlock an additional part of the child’s potential to grow and develop. Under the parents’ loving hands, the child continues to thrive and flourish.

Equipping parents for therapy

Our role is to provide the parents the necessary training of techniques and exercises to be done on their children at home. Based on the individual situation of each family, we have various training programs that suits their respective needs.

  • You take full charge of your child’s growth and development.
  • You determine how much resources you want to put into the program.
  • You determine the rate of progress that you wish to see your child enjoy.

Our job is to provide you with the necessary information and training for you to carry out a home exercise program for your child with Cerebral Palsy.

Effective exercises done at the comfort of your home at the fraction of the professional therapy costs

No more rushing to get yourself and your child ready for visits to the therapy centre, waiting for your turn and realizing that your child is tired, struggling and crying through the therapy session. You can now choose when to do the exercise for your child at the convenience and comfort of your own home for as many hours as you wish to.

For the Premier Thrive and Flourish program, the cost works out to be S$ 2.30* to S$ 1.81* an hour, depending on where you are having your training. For the Modular Thrive and Flourish program, it works out as low as S$ 0.55* an hour. The many years when you can continue to do the exercise on your child beyond the program has yet to be taken into consideration as well.

*assuming 2 hours of manual exercise and 8 hours of ABR machine exercise per day
**assuming 2 hours of manual exercise and 3 hours of RF belt exercise per day

The only pre-requisite for ABR training is the heart to learn

The exercises are user-friendly and not difficult to learn. As long as you put your heart into it and follow instructions, results will follow. It is common for the parents to employ external help for the exercise. Grandparents and friends can always take on one of the easier exercises for the child if they wish to be part of the program but do not have lots of time with the child.