ABR Families Testimonies

My daughter has Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy. In order to help her get better, I brought her to China to seek treatment for two and a half years. It was a very painful and strenuous type of treatment method that included medicinal intake and physiotherapy. Although in the beginning small improvements were derived, the progress plateaued and her treatment became stagnant. A parent who went to China for the same purpose introduced ABR to me. She told me that ABR wasn’t like the treatment we went for in China; it wasn’t as painful and tiring. The child only needs to comfortably lay down and enjoy the exercises provided by his or her parents. Honestly, when I started ABR, I had little expectations. Everything looked too easy to be effective. Unexpectedly, my daughter started showing improvements. Up to this day, after this many years, she still continues to show progress. And the progress seems to speed up the more we do it. The best thing about the exercise is; even if the child gets ill or for some reason stops doing the therapy for some time, the child’s improvement does not get undone. Many therapies require the child to actively do physio nonstop. In any case that the child stops, the improvements from before will slowly disappear. My daughter is a good example for such a case. All the muscles built from her therapies before were all softened, and all the progress seen from previous therapies all came to naught.



The pictures below were extracted from her progress reports:

Improved strength of trunk


shirley samantha Feb2005 shirley samantha Mar2006 shirley samantha Mar2007
Feb 2005 Mar 2006 Mar 2007

Improved sitting position

shirley samantha Feb2005SamanthasittingMar05GIF

shirley samantha Mar2006 2nd

Feb 2005

Samantha sitting Mar05 GIF

Lifting the leg throw her off sitting position

Mar 2006

Able to maintain sitting position when leg is lifted

Improved trunk strength and arm mobility – when the child is brought backwards

shirley samantha Feb2005 2nd

shirley samantha Nov2011 2nd

shirley samantha Feb2009

Feb 2005

Arms are close to body for Support

Feb 2009

Able to fully extend arms for support showing Improved extension of arms And stronger trunk

Nov 2011

Able to maintain position without any external support

Improved crawlilng

shirley samantha Feb2005SamanthaCrawlingFeb05GIF

shirley samantha Nov2010SamanthacrawlingNov10GIF

shirley samantha Nov2008SamanthaCrawlingNov08GIF

Feb 2005

Samantha Crawling Feb05 GIF

The only she is able to crawl is by bringing one leg forward and then both legs hop forward and then rest on her legs, before the whole cycle repeats all over again.

Nov 2008

Samantha Crawling Nov08 GIF

No more hopping. Legs begin to coordinate with the hands but still does not have any contralateral movement pattern

Nov 2010

Samantha crawling Nov10 GIF

Emergence of contralateral crawling

Making a turn when she is crawling

Crawling: In Nov 2005, she is unable to make a turn. With her superior motor intelligence, and the use of the block movement of trunk and the arm, and the limited reach of arm and leg, she manages to make a U turn in the most unconventional way.


shirley samantha Feb2005SamTurning1Mar05GIF

shirley samantha Feb2005SamTurning3Mar05GIF

shirley samantha Feb2005SamTurning2Mar05GIF

 Feb 2005

Sam Turning1 Mar05 GIF

Unable to turn her body
Body follow the arm to the limit of the arm reach and cannot go further.

 Feb 2005

Sam Turning2 Mar05 GIF

To create additional room for the turn, she lifts her body and stretch out the leg but unsuccessful.

 Feb 2005

Sam Turning3 Mar05 GIF

Another successful attempt to create room for the turn. But this time she manages to free her right arm.


shirley samantha Feb2005 3rd

shirley samantha Feb2005SamTurning5Mar05GIF

shirley samantha SamTurning4Mar05GIF

Feb 2005

Then she turns her body with the Depression of the lower ribs

Sam Turning4 Mar05 GIF

Feb 2005

Sam Turning5 Mar05 GIF

Next she uses her hands to reach to the side


shirley samantha Feb2005SamTurning6Mar05GIF

 Feb 2005

Sam Turning6 Mar05 GIF

To complete the turn, her trunk and arm are lifted again to reach further to the side.


shirley samantha July2007SamTurningJuly07GIF

shirley samantha Mar2008SamTurningMar08GIF

July 2007

Sam Turning July07 GIF

She is still unable to make a proper U turn but able to make a big diameter turn with ‘crawling’ (one leg forward, hopping and resting on both legs)

Mar 2008

Sam Turning Mar08 GIF

Making turn with the rotational mobility of the trunk and the turn of the legs.

Details of Mar 2008 Turning

shirley samantha Rotationalmobilityofthetrunk

shirley samantha Turnofth legs

Rotational mobility of the trunk

Samantha Turning1 Mar08 GIF

Turn of the legs

Samantha Turning2 Mar08 GIF

Improved kneeling position: Kneeling position, also known as ‘short leg’ position, is the position that the child needs to manage well before she is able to consider standing and walking, which uses ‘long leg position’. ‘Short leg’ is half of ‘long leg’. If one cannot manage ‘short leg’, it is impossible for her to manage ‘long leg’

shirley samantha July2007

shirley samantha Nov2007

shirley samantha July2008

 July 2007

Unable to hold ‘kneeling’ position even with external support

Nov 2007

Able to hold ‘kneeling’ position but holding arms very close to body

July 2008

Able to hold ‘kneeling’ position with full extension of arm

shirley samantha Nov2011

Nov 2011

Able to get into ‘kneeling’ position without any external support.

Improved knee walking – As with kneeling position, knee walking means walking with ‘short leg’. One has to be able to do knee walking before she ventures into walking arena


shirley samantha MAR SamanthaKneeWalkingMar08GIF

shirley samantha July2012SamanthaKneeWalkingJuly12GIF

Nov 2014

Mar 2008 

Samantha Knee Walking Mar08 GIF

Pulled primarily by the arms on the legs. Still cling onto the arms for movements forward.

July 2012 Samantha 

Knee Walking July12 GIF

Less reliance on arms and more on Improved stability of shoulder and pelvic girdles

Nov 2014 

Samantha Knee Walking Nov14 GIF

and stability of the spine

Improved transition from floor to the bench

shirley samantha Mar2008SamanthatobenchMar08GIF

shirley samantha Dec2012SamanthaToBenchDec12GIF

Mar 2008

Samantha to bench Mar08 GIF

Unable to push with the leg. Rely completely on the arm to pull the body and the legs

Dec 2012

Samantha To Bench Dec12 GIF

Begin to use legs to push herself to the bench. But he cannot bring her legs under her pelvis. Instead she has to bring her legs to the side.

Improved transition from floor to standing:

shirley samantha July2012SamanthastandupJuly12GIF

shirley samantha DetailsofstandupJuly2012

shirley samantha SamanthastandupJuly12GIF

July 2012 

Samantha standup July12 GIF

Note the entire standing up process takes a very long time.

Details of standup July 2012                         Samantha standup July12 GIF

Rely heavily on the arms to pull herself up. But the shoulder girdle is still not sufficiently stable. As a results, her shoulder goes forward and she grabs the chair so tightly that the back of chair is visibly being pulled. She is still unable to effectively use her hip and the leg to help with this. Note how her leg is stuck at one point throughout the whole process.

shirley samantha Nov2014 SamanthastandupNov14GIF

shirley samantha DetailsofstandingupinNov14

shirley samantha Samantha standup2Nov14GIF

Nov 2014

Samantha standup Nov14 GIF

Speed of standing up improves

Details of standing up in Nov14

Samantha standup1 Nov14 GIF

Improved stability of shoulder and hence the arms do not have to pull with great efforts and the shoulder stays in position. Relies more on the hip and the push of the legs. Note how the back of the chair stays well in shape.

Samantha standup2 Nov14 GIF

Stable pelvic girdle and the ability to use the leg to push the body up.