ABR Mission

Our mission is to empower the parents who are willing to take charge of their child’s growth and development. To unlock the massive natural progress and evolution potential that each severely brain damaged child has, with hands-on skills, strategic understanding and practical guidance on sensory, physical and intellectual facilitation.


ABR Strategy

Our Thrive and Flourish training programs are designed for the everyday home implementation by the families of the children affected by Cerebral Palsy.

You can choose the program that best suits your budget for time, effort and financial resources.  Whatever level of an ABR training program you choose, you are going to be equipped with the skills and the strategy that will put your child on a path of continuous developmental improvements.

These improvements will steadily accumulate and amplify proportionally to the working hours that you will manage to deliver for your child through your hands-on techniques at home.

With the ABR knowledge, techniques and exercises learnt, you will have the power to control your child’s home therapy program.  You can choose to do as many hours as you wish and continue for as long as you desire. 

Through these ABR programs you will:

  • gain a much deeper understanding of Cerebral Palsy through a new theoretical perspective that shapes the path to the significantly improved results your child can enjoy through your own work.
  • learn a variety of hands-on techniques and exercises that will improve your child’s respiratory and digestive mechanics, strengthen their weakened connective tissues (fascia), and rebalance their interconnected body wide myofascia architecture
  • receive all the necessary tools and equipment you need to perform a home-based therapy program
  • have your child’s progress closely monitored and reviewed with regular written progress reports and updates 


The Thrive and Flourish Program

teaches the parents how to carry out a home-therapy program specific to their child affected by Cerebral Palsy.  

Experienced ABR staff will walk you through the entire program.  Our training is structured in such a way that ensures each parent or domestic helper masters the ABR techniques and leaves with full confidence in their home therapy performance. Our trainers have the track record of successfully teaching hundreds of parents coming from various backgrounds, having physical constitution and ranging in age from 13 year old siblings to 80 years old grandparents. 

That's why we are confident that under our guidance, you will be able to master the ABR techniques properly and confidently.

Here is how our ABR program is structured:

You will attend face-to-face training sessions conducted by ABR trainers on a six-monthly basis. In addition to these live training sessions, you will be expected to do a significant portion of your ABR learning through home-studying via videotaped and written training manuals. You will also learn how to perform a physical evaluation of your child's condition so that you can follow up on your child's progress closely and precisely. 


Thrive and Flourish Training program

The ABR Thrive and Flourish program is available in five levels:

  • The ABR Foundation Workshop
  • The Modular Thrive & Flourish Program (Modular T & F)
  • The Premier Thrive & Flourish Program (Premier T & F)
  • The Advanced Fortegenic Program (AFG)
  • The Membership Program



1. ABR Foundation Workshop

The ABR Foundation Workshop targets at the broadest and most fundamental level of well-being of the Cerebral Palsy child.  It focuses on discharging tension and promoting deep physiological relaxation.  The result is maximized potential for self-recovery. 

Deep physiological relaxation does not come naturally to a child with Cerebral Palsy.  A healthy child goes into deep physiological relaxation when they go to sleep and rest.  However, there are occasions where the child is too excited or too tired and he is unable to rest.  The child with Cerebral Palsy is in the same state every time.  His overall background tension is so high that going into deep rest has become a luxury.  Hence, the CP child is in dire need for help. 

Deep physiological relaxation allows the body to first discharge the tension accumulated during the day.  It then starts the tissue repair and regeneration process.  This process is particularly important for the child who is growing and developing.  It is common knowledge that the child grows an inch overnight! The growth comes from the deep physiological relaxation that the child enjoys when they sleep. 

Unfortunately, a child with Cerebral palsy has so much tension accumulated during the day that the sleep overnight can at best discharge only part of the tension.  The undischarged tension is carried over to the next day.    Over time, the magnitude of the carried-over undischarged tension increases.  Beyond the need to discharge tension, the child barely has the opportunity to self-repair and self-regenerate his tissues.  Needless to say, this greatly hampers the child’s growth and development. 

The ABR Foundation Workshop trains the families to provide the external help that the child needs to enter into deep physiological relaxation.  It is designed as 30-minutes-a-day workout routine. 

The families can integrate this routine into the daily care routine for the child with Cerebral palsy.  However, you can always opt to extend the 30-minutes workout.  The longer workout naturally brings greater benefits and progresses. 

During the workshop, you learn the various ways to help discharge the accumulated tension and to promote self-healing.  By doing so, the child has the best opportunity for self-recovery and therefore achieves his best potential for growth and development. 

There are 6 workshops altogether, with a 6 months interval between them.  It is necessary to do the workshops in sequence and each workshop is one-day long. 

Workshop Program

Muscular recovery and metabolic surpluses

Standard list of accessories:

  • 1 x Togu 26cm ball
  • 1 x 1kg Stonie
  • 1 x 2kg Stonie 
  • 1 x Sissle purple ball 26cm
  • 2 x cylinder polymers
  • 2 x Sissle 450g toning ball
  • 1 x 3kg Body Sculpture ball
  • 2 x purple mat
  • 1 x large yoga mat

Epaxial stimulation and total vertebral column

You also need to buy a memory foam mattress topper (70cm X 100cm X 5cm) and 10 Ikea stools.  

Standard list of accessories:

  • 1 x cylinder polymers
  • 4 x egg polymers
  • 1 x Sissle 450g toning ball
  • 1 x 3kg Body Sculpture ball

Mechanical tensional detox and undulation 

There are no new accessories needed for this workshop.

A home video instruction will be sent to the families to guide them in making the home video for their child. The family has to submit the home video before each workshop. This is so that progress reports can be prepared for the family 6 months after the 3rd workshop, but only provided that the family has done 1.5 years or 500 hours of exercise.


2. The Modular Thrive and Flourish Program

The next level of programs is the Modular Thrive and Flourish Program (Modular T & F).  Besides promotion of deep physiological relaxation, the modular T & F focuses on the followings:

  1. Enlarging the “power plant” by improving the respiratory performance and metabolism
  2. Reduction of excessive energy wastage that a child affected by Cerebral palsy typically has. 
  3. Strengthening the weakened myofascial structure
  4. Release of the rigid and overlapped superficial myofascial layers. 

The Modular T&F summarizes nearly 15 years of ABR practice through the 7 modules that consists of our most powerful applications and exercises that address different areas of your child’s body.

These 7 modules comprehensively covers the child's entire body allowing you to shift priorities between your child's body core and periphery as necessary. Every six months you will learn a different module that consists of a different set of exercises.  The entire program is three years long. 

The program consists of 7 modules (training sessions), ownership of one unit of RF belt and its user manual, 6 tubes of Bio EQ gel, and basic tools for the home exercise program.

The basic tools for home exercise program of the entire 7 modules includes:

  • 1 x Togu 26cm ball
  • 1 x 1 kg weighted ball
  • 1 x 1kg stonie
  • 1 x 2kg Stonie
  • 4 x egg polymers
  • 3 x cylinder polymers
  • 1 x 3kg Body Sculpture ball
  • 1 x large purple mat
  • 1 x medium purple mat
  • 1 x large yoga mat
  • 1 x small yoga mat
  • 6 tubes of Bio EQ gel

(The list is subject to revision. Please confirm with the ABR Singapore center for the latest list of accessories included under the program)

In addition, the family needs to purchase separately a memory foam mattress topper, 10 Ikea stools, plus a few therapy quality towels as basic necessity for the home exercise. 


No of days

Workshop title and details
1 2.5 Efficiency Improvement of the Respiratory and Digestive Mechano-Metabolic Interfaces
(6 months after session 1)

Reinforcing the radial support architecture of the torso

(6 months after session 2)
1.5 Reinforcing the axial support architecture of the vertebral column
(6 months after session 3)
Mechanical "detox" & hypertone discharge within the superficial soft tissues (muscles and fascia)
(6 months after session 4)
1.5 Integration of the torso and the extremities: shoulder girdle and pelvic girdle stability 
(6 months after session 5)

Deep mechanical stimulation of the periosteal interfaces and the myofascial attachments

(6 months after session 6)

Ultra deep relaxation and the improvement of post-functional recovery capacity of the myofascial system


3. The Premier Thrive and Flourish Program

The third level of the Thrive and Flourish Program is the Premier Thrive and Flourish (Premier T & F) program.  It is the most customized home program tailored for your child and for yourself.  Although Modular T & F Program is the program to do after the completion of Relaxo-Tonic Workshop, you can opt to go straight to the Premier T & F program if you wish to achieve the fastest possible rate of progress for your child.

The selection of ABR hands-on applications and exercises that you should deliver at home will be refined depending on your child's sensitivity, physical condition and cooperation level as well as your own health condition and the level of your manual competence.

Your home program will be updated and customized further once every six months as part of your progress review. 

The program includes 6 training sessions, each of which last one and a half days, ownership to a unit of the ABR mechanical therapy device and its basic accessories, 24 tubes of Bio EQ gel, and basic tools for the home therapy program.  

There is a 6-month interval between each training session. A home video and home report has to be submitted to ABR Singapore center one month before each session. This is so that the child would be prescribed exercises customized to the child’s needs for that specific point of time.

During the training session, the families will learn the prescription exercise (PE) for that particular training session.  Treatment plans with photographed instructions on how to perform the exercise and accessories used will be given to the families right after the training.  The parents receive a progress report every session.

Basic tools for the home therapy program includes:

  • 5 x bladders and 3 x wraps for the ABR massager
  • 3Q tools
  • 1 x Togu 26cm ball
  • 1 x 1 kg weighted ball
  • 1 x 3kg Body Sculpture Ball
  • 1 x 1 kg Stonie
  • 1 x 2kg Stonie
  • 4 x eggs polymer
  • 3 x cylinders polymer
  • 1 x large purple mat
  • 1 x medium purple mat
  • 1 x large yoga mat
  • 1 x medium yoga mat
  • 24 x Bio-EQ tubes of gel

(The list is subject to revision.  Please confirm with the ABR Singapore center for the latest list of accessories included under the program)

In addition, the family needs to purchase a memory foam mattress topper, 10 Ikea stools, plus a few therapy quality towels separately, as basic necessity for the home exercise. 

The Premier Thrive and Flourish program is highly customized for each child and constantly looks for drivers (accelerator of progress) to address challenges (obstacles of progress) in order to achieve the greatest possible rate of progress for the individual. 


4. Advanced Fortigenic (AFG) Program

The highest level of the Thrive and Flourish Program is the AFG Program.  It is a 3-year program that trains parents who aspire to be technically advanced in their home therapy program.  The pre-requisite is successful completion of the Premier Thrive & Flourish Program.  For more details, please contact the ABR Singapore center directly.


5. ABR Membership Program

The ABR membership program provides parents with the Prescription Exercise (PE) for their child’s home program every 6 months.  No live training by the trainers will be given. 

The parents will need to send in a home video to us every 6 months.  The home video should reach us a month before so that the prescription exercise can be prepared in advance.  Skype sessions can be arranged for any questions about the prescription exercise or if there are any issues with the child.  Communication alternatives such as email and whatsapp can be employed as well. 

One progress report will be provided once a year, provided that

  1. The home video is done well in accordance with the home video instructions given

  2. The families have accumulated at least 300 ABR hours, or one year of ABR work. 

The pre-requisite is the successful completion of either the Premier Thrive and Flourish (Premier T & F) Program, Modular Thrive and Flourish (Modular T & F) Program or the Advanced Fortegenic (AFG) Program.